About the GSES

Graduate School of Educational Sciences (GSES), also known as Institute of Educational Sciences, was founded in 2013. Although the administrative structuring of the GSES took place in 2013, there is a 50-year history of postgraduate programs in education at Hacettepe University. Since 1967, Post Graduate Education Faculty (PGEF) carried out graduate level programs in the field of education in our university. PGEF led to establishment of many education faculties, even universities through its graduates in half a century. Today, with the power it has gained from the roots of the PGEF, the GSES aims to provide transformation and development of higher education institutions, education systems, and society through 17 graduate programs in six major science fields.

The GSES offers graduate education to researchers from 47 universities within the framework of scientific research agreements. Our graduate programs have successfully completed 118 master's and 103 doctorate theses in the last three years. The restructuring of the graduate programs with a focus on innovation is one of the strategic objectives of our institute to ensure that the important problems of the society in education are addressed effectively in the master's and doctoral studies through transformational research. Our institute aims to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our graduate students, graduates, and the society that is served through our graduates.